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Eye Burn and Vision Problems

Chemical exposure can sometimes cause vision or eye  problems  to an exposed individuals.  During the course of work, many cleanup workers had oil and chemicals splashed on or around their eyes. Often times they were not given the appropriate equipment to keep the chemicals out of their eyes.

Both the airborne fumes and direct exposure to chemicals and oil can cause eye problems such as (1) Conjunctivitis; (2) Corneal ulcers; and (3) Keratitis.  These conditions result in the inflammation or infection of the cornea.  The ailments are considered acute or short term conditions for purposes of the class action settlement.

Symptoms of these conditions include: eye irritation, watery eyes, eye inflammation, redness, itchy eyes. Direct exposure to the oil and other hydrocarbon products to the eyes can also cause a chronic condition, known as sequela, from direct chemical splash to the eye(s).

There must be a documented objective finding of damage to the conjunctiva, cornea, and/or surrounding structures.  This condition leads directly to vision problems and is considered to be a chronic specified condition pursuant to the settlement. The timeframe between exposure and manifestation of sequela must have begun or started to begin within 24 hours of exposure.