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Medical Conditions Covered

What Medical Conditions are covered under the Medical Class Action Settlement?
The environmental response teams worked in the sweltering heat on boats and beaches during the cleanup effort.  The summer of 2010 was the fourth warmest summer in United States history at the time.  Many cleanup workers suffered from heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Further, during the course of their employment, many cleanup workers were also exposed to chemicals and raw crude oil.

Members of the cleanup teams have stated they were asked to wash chemicals and oil off boats, and scrape oil off the beaches with only a thin standard issue “T-shirt like” layer of cloth for protection. This led to many of the cleanup workers suffering from chemical exposure related symptoms.  In order to be eligible for compensation, the exposed person must have exhibited the below systems between one to three days after being exposed to the toxins, depending on the condition.

The Deepwater Horizon Medical Class Action Settlement breaks the medical conditions into two groups, acute and chronic. For chronic conditions, affected individuals can recover up to $60,700 in compensation for their conditions. Click here for a chart that outlines the different acute and chronic conditions and their requirements.