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Wetlands Real Property Damage

A person eligible under this section of the settlement must have owned a parcel of land within the Wetlands Real Property Claim Zone (see the map here) at any time between April 20, 2010 and April 18, 2012.

The Wetlands on the Louisiana Coast were drastically affected by the massive Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, and these areas will continue to be affected for years to come. If you are an individual who owned a parcel of these wetlands located in the Wetland Real Property Claim Zone, you may be entitled to compensation even if there was no oil found on your property. Compensation will vary based on the amount of oil, if any, was found.

In addition to compensation for the actual damages that have already occurred, the settlement program allows payment for eligible claimants to receive funds based on a Risk Transfer Premium (“RTP”) for risk of future harm to your land. This RTP factor essentially acts a multiplier based on the likelihood of future damage.

The process by which all of this is determined is very complicated and much of it depends on the findings of SCAT teams, which are Deepwater Horizon Unified Command Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Teams. SCAT teams were responsible for determining where oil was present after the spill. These areas were given the names “Oiled Primary Area,” “Buffer Area,” and “Non-oiled Primary Area.” Compensation will vary based on which of these categories your property is located as well as which overall zone, A or B, the property is in. (See the Zone map here).