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Vessels of Opportunity (“VoO”) Charter Payment

The Vessels of Opportunity Program was set up by BP after the spill to assist in the clean up efforts by enlisting the help of individuals who owned nautical vessels. The VoO Charter Payment Claim was then set up for individuals and businesses who registered to participate in the aforementioned Vessels of Opportunity Program, completed the initial VoO training program, can provide documentation of attendance at this training program with a PEC Card, for example, and executed a VoO Master Vessel Charter Agreement (“MVCA”) with BP, Lawson, USMS, USES, DRC, or any other BP subcontractor (“Charterer”).

One other requirement is that you must have been the owner or captain of the vessel. If you were a deckhand and not the owner or captain, please click here, because you may potentially have a different type of claim under the medical portion of the settlement.

One very common misconception individuals make regarding the VoO claims is that they think they are not eligible if they were never deployed. This is not the case. You do not have to have actually been deployed to work. You are still eligible if you were not dispatched or were placed on standby.