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Subsistence Loss

A Loss of Subsistence Use Claim, commonly referred to as Subsistence Claims, are for individuals who fished or hunted in order to harvest, catch, barter, consume, or trade natural resources from the Gulf of Mexico, including seafood and game, to generally sustain his or her basic personal or his or her family’s dietary, economic, shelter, tool, or clothing needs.

If you were one of these individuals and your reliance upon these resources was diminished or restricted because of the BP Oil Spill, you may be eligible for a claim. You could still be included in this group even if you also satisfy the definitions of a Commercial Fisherman or Seafood Crew.

The subsistence claimant does not, however, include “Recreational Fisherman” or “Recreational Hunters” who fish and/or hunt for pleasure or sport. If you have a recreational fishing license, you can still qualify as long as you meet the other requirement.