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Oil Spill Medical Monitoring Program

Gulf Oil Spill Attorney

Many people in the Gulf Coast region are suffering from a range of symptoms including skin damage, headaches, various respiratory problems, as well as nausea, confusion, and chemical pneumonitis, and other more serious conditions are likely to become evident over time, such as liver and kidney disease, cancer, birth defects, abnormal growth and neurological damage to children and lung damage, suppressed immune system, hormonal imbalances, anemia, nerve damage or mutations. None of the injury claims were paid through the earlier claims system involving the GCCF, and many have suffered serious physical symptoms and had no recourse. Oil spill cleanup workers and coastal residents that have been exposed to the oil and the chemical dispersing agents have suffered from the chemical exposure, and part of the current agreement includes 21 years of medical monitoring through the oil spill medical monitoring program.

If you have suffered from physical symptoms from exposure to the oil spill or cleanup operation, it is important that you contact a BP claims lawyer from the Amaro Law Firm immediately. The settlement includes payments for physical injuries and damage, and your case should be evaluated immediately so that you can get onto the oil spill medical monitoring program. The long term consequences of exposure are not yet fully identified, and the oil spill medical monitoring program is an important factor for all of those who have been exposed to the toxic chemicals in the dispersing agent, as well as the oil.

The current settlement with BP does not have a cap on the amount they will have to pay individuals who have suffered physical damage from exposure. It is important that you protect your right to compensation if you are suffering from any of the symptoms of exposure. Our firm can assist you throughout the process.

Contact a BP claims attorney from our firm for immediate assistance in personal injury claims, and for information about the 21 year oil spill medical monitoring program.