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Key Dates and Timeline

The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill has resulted in hundreds of individuals being injured by the wrongful conduct on the part of BP and others involved.  A settlement program is in place in order to compensate affected individuals and businesses who meet the eligibility requirements.

If you or your business have been affected by the BP oil spill, there are certain dates you must be aware of if you plan to file a claim under the Deepwater Horizon Settlement Program.  Contact our experienced oil spill attorneys to ensure that your claim is timely filed and your compensation maximized.
April 20, 2010: The Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, causing millions of barrels of oil to gush into the ocean.

September 7, 2012: Deadline to object to the Economic Loss/Property Damage Settlement.

November 1, 2012: Deadline to opt out of the settlement class.

January 22, 2013: Deadline to file Seafood Compensation Claims.

February 12, 2014: Deadline to file claims as part of the medical settlement.

April 22, 2014: Deadline to file claims as part of the economic settlement.