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Gulf Oil Spill Lawyer

Those hotels and resorts that earlier flourished along the Gulf Coast have been heavily impacted by the BP oil spill. Their success is based upon the constant influx of tourists into the area, which has taken a severe downturn as the result of the oil spill. Some of the areas most heavily impacted include Biloxi, Gulfport, and numerous resorts and hotels along the northwestern Florida coastline. Resort and hotel properties in the Biloxi-Gulfport area heavily depend upon income from the hospitality industry, which provided approximately 20% of the jobs to local people in the area. Most resorts and hotels are facing economic difficulties due to the reduced number of tourists to the area, and several sport fishing companies have already shut down.

Filing a Claim Against BP for Damages

The current claims process is more likely to be successful. Those who have had their resort or hotel suffer economic damages from the severe decline in tourism can seek compensation. A BP claims lawyerfrom the Amaro Law Firm should review your situation immediately. We can advise you what can be expected in compensation for the economic losses suffered due to the oil spill. BP must be held accountable for the severe downturn in the local economy, the drastic drop in tourism and the subsequent financial problems that are affecting the hospitality industry.

It is expected that the losses will continue as the economy continues to suffer in the area, with many people moving out of the area, as well as travelers choosing other destinations who may have earlier chosen to visit the Gulf Coast area. It is expected that hundreds of millions of dollars has been drained from the local economy due to the effects of the BP oil spill, and the situation has not yet resolved. Tourists are more hesitant to visit the area; fisherman may be concerned about the safety of the seafood caught in the Gulf and various other problems that continue to affect the industry. To get legal counsel to address these issues in a claim, contact our firm for more information and assistance.

Contact a BP claims lawyer from our firm to discuss a claim against BP for the financial damages to your hotel or resort.