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Gulf Coast Claims Facility

BP Claims Attorney

The Gulf Coast Claims Facility, or GCCF, which formerly processed claims, is being shut down, and there is a new system in place which should be more beneficial to those who have suffered personal, property and business damages due to the Gulf Coast oil spill. A BP claims lawyer from the Amaro Law Firm should be contacted immediately if you have a pending claim, or need to file a claim. Many people who tried to get compensation for damages through the GCCF were very disappointed – valid claims were denied or the offers were far too low, and the system functioned slowly and poorly. The new system, which was put in place in March of 2012, allows for a faster and more equitable resolution to claims.

It is important that you file your claim as early as possible. There are tens of thousands of claims that need to be paid, and the earlier your claim is in the system, the faster we can expect to get compensation for you. We know that the entire process of recovering compensation has been extremely frustrating, and the system that the Gulf Coast Claims Facility used was unwieldy and did not treat claimants fairly. The new system, which is supervised by Federal Judge Carl Barbier, was put in place to resolve the problems in the earlier system, and get valid claims paid fairly and quickly. There is no limit to the amount of money that BP may have to put into this system, but currently there is $7.8 billion available for claimants.

A New System for Gulf Coast Oil Spill Claims

This new system gives great hope that those who have had severe losses, whether in their health, their property or their businesses will now be treated fairly, and can expect to be paid at a rate that is reasonable, considering the extreme damage that was done to the area. At our firm, we are prepared to assist you to get your claim filed as quickly as possible. This can be important, as the farther back you are in the line, the more time it will take to get your compensation. We are prepared to assist you immediately. If your claim was being processed through the GCCF, it now must be processed through the new system, and we can assist you.

Contact a BP claims attorney from our firm for immediate assistance in filing your claim.