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Business Owners

Gulf Oil Spill Lawyer

A huge number of businesses were heavily impacted by the BP oil spill. These include marina owners, all businesses involved in boating, transportation companies, pier owners, restaurants, bars, boat owners involved in commercial fishing, oystermen, shrimpers, crabbers and charter fishermen, property managers, construction companies, painting firms, hotel supply, and endless others.

Business Owners in the Gulf Coast Area and Financial Damage

The impact on the local economies throughout the Gulf Coast area has been significant; many businesses have already closed and the owners moved out of the area, some with complete losses, repossessions or foreclosures. If you are a business owner that has been financially impacted by the oil spill, contact a BP claims attorneyfrom the Amaro Law Firm. Our firm offers the legal help you need to get your claim processed through the new system. There is finally a process that could allow business owners of all kinds to get compensated for the financial damage to their enterprise as a result of the oil spill.

The statute of limitations could affect your ability to file a claim. It is important that you contact the firm as quickly as possible so your claim is filed with the best chance of getting compensation within a reasonable amount of time. The process of filing a claim has changed, and there is finally a real opportunity for business owners to get the compensation for damages that they deserve. The complete downturn in the economy and all the industry in the area has damaged many businesses beyond the ability to recover. If your claim with the GCCF was pending or was denied, you still have the right to pursue compensation through the current system, which is a great relief to many business owners who got little support or help through the earlier claims process.

Contact a Gulf oil spill lawyer from our firm if your business was financially damaged due to the BP oil spill.