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Judge Opens Door For BP Oil Spill Medical Lawsuits

April 30th, 2015 by Amaro Law Firm

A federal judge ruled this week that workers injured from the Deepwater Horizon disaster could request jury trials for their BP oil spill medical lawsuits against the petroleum giant. U.S District Judge Carl Barbier, who has been overseeing the case since 2012, found that workers who engaged in remediation activities in and around the site

BP Oil Spill Five-Year Anniversary Brings New Rules

April 15th, 2015 by Amaro Law Firm

The U.S. Department of the Interior will soon announce new rules on offshore drilling to coincide with the fifth anniversary of the BP oil spill. The rules are designed to prevent another disaster on the scale of the BP oil spill. An Interior Department spokesperson said that the agency has been “working tirelessly” to impose new